Create a Sports-Themed Bedroom

Create a Sports-Themed Bedroom

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A child's room is one area in your home where you can really get imaginative and create a fun and exciting atmosphere with paint. With a few materials and your creativity, you can easily transform a boring bedroom into a sports-themed experience your son or daughter will never forget.

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Project Steps
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    • Step 1: Choose a Theme

      Before you paint and decorate the room, you must decide what sports theme you want to create. You can simply select your child's favorite sport, such as soccer or skiing, or you can combine several different sports so that if your child's interests change, you don't have to change his or her bedroom.

    • Step 2: Select Colors
      easy care ultra premium paint and primer in one

      A fresh coat of paint makes a great base for a sports-themed room. Your choices for colors are limitless. Use a vibrant color to convey the kinetic energy of a championship game, or earth tones if you are planning to create an outdoor sports scene. You can also match colors to your child's favorite sports team. Take advantage of True Value's color matching service for the perfect color palette.

      Helpful Tips

      Think about what you want the finished room to look like and where the focal points should be in relation to your furniture and fixtures. For example, if you will be installing a large sports car bed in the middle of the room, you might want to choose a lighter color that will make the space seem bigger.

      Use True Value EasyCare® Ultra Premium Interior Paint, which is safe, quick-drying and easy to clean up.

    • Step 3: Protect the Room

      Before you paint, cover furniture and the floor with drop cloths or tarps. Use painter's tape to cover woodwork, outlets and light switches.

    • Step 4: Prime and Paint the Walls

      With a sponge, clean wall surfaces with mild detergent and water. Next, apply a coat of EasyCare® Ultra Premium Interior Primer/Sealer so paint will adhere and wear better. Next, paint your base color using a 2 1/2-inch brush; paint around the ceiling fixtures and along the edge where the ceiling meets the walls. A quality paint tray and roller will make the rest easy. Paint widthwise in 6-ft. square sections, using a zigzag pattern or overlapping ''W'' strokes. Move from right to left, then left to right, spreading evenly with horizontal strokes. Use a brush to fill in any gaps. Apply two coats to ensure maximum coverage.

    • Step 5: Use Stencils & Stamps
      stencilssimple block letters on pillows

      Once you have painted the walls, you can use stamps and stencils to complete your sports-themed bedroom. For ideas, research your child's favorite sports teams, school colors and team logos.

      Helpful Tip

      Simple block letters can be used to create fun phrases such as 'Play ball!' and 'Match point!'

      You can purchase pre-made designs for stencils, but for a custom approach, try making them yourself by tracing a design onto a sheet of acetate and cutting out the panels with a utility knife. To use the stencil, secure it to the wall with tape and using a small amount of latex paint and a round brush, stipple or swirl on the color. Reposition the stencil as often as needed. If you're making a long border, measure and mark the stencil locations with chalk beforehand.

      Helpful Tip

      If you're bordering a room, you'll need to cut the design to get around windows and doorways. Use a 45-degree angle when cutting stencils.

      To make easy stamps, trace your desired design onto a mouse pad. Cut it out with a utility knife and glue the pieces fabric-side out onto a piece of Plexiglas. Cover the bottom of a shallow pan with your chosen color of latex paint and stamp away as you would with a rubber stamp.

      Good work. By following these simple tips, you've created an exciting backdrop for your child's sports-themed room.

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