How to Revitalize Your Patio

How to Revitalize Your Patio

Level: Beginner

Are your patio furnishings modest and utilitarian—a simple table and chairs for al fresco dining? Your outdoor space can be so much more. Bring your patio into the 21st century by blending cushy indoor elements and practical outdoor ones to create an enticing extension of your home for hosting friends and family. You just need the right combination of contemporary design accessories to create a modern, inviting, open-air space for entertaining and recreation.

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Project Steps
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    • Choose the Right Furniture and Furnishings
      patio furniture

      Picking the right furniture for your space is essential for modern outdoor living. Take your particular entertaining needs and the size of your patio into account when deciding on the best option. Large families or those who regularly entertain larger groups of friends and family should emphasize seating options that meet those requirements. Also decide on a focus for your patio entertaining. Are you interested in creating more of a dining space or a place for social gatherings around a fire pit, for example? Large patios may meet both of these requirements when executed properly.

      A multi-piece dining set, such as the Four Seasons Courtyard Palermo Dining Set is great for hosting outdoor dinner parties, while the Courtyard Classic Lisbon Sectional Set or Key Largo Collection works well for casual chatting and outdoor entertaining.

      If you lack space, the versatile Copenhagen table set sports fold-and-store functionality that is perfect for entertaining on the fly.

      Incorporate soft cushions and colorful throw pillows that complement your décor. This will add to the impression of an outdoor living room. Don’t forget to include touches like indoor/outdoor rugs that coordinate with your furniture and décor to continue the illusion of interior space blending into the exterior one.

    • Light Up Your Patio
      patio lights

      Mood lighting isn’t just for the indoors. Set the scene on your patio with a combination of decorative and landscape lighting to illuminate it. Use solar path lighting to accent and brighten up areas around your patio and along walkways. Path lighting can consist of either stake lights planted directly into the ground, or light fixtures and lanterns installed on decorative posts. Use outdoor wall lanterns combined with string lights to create a warm, atmospheric glow to welcome and comfort guests.

      Helpful Tips

      Strategically placed patio lanterns can be attractive centerpieces and accent items that illuminate at night and add charm to the space during the day.

      Use candles and torches to provide extra patio ambiance. Citronella candles can help keep insects away during summer evening get-togethers.

    • Accent with Landscape Features

      Blend your patio area into your landscape to further the impression of a natural flow from your home’s interior to its exterior areas. You can incorporate landscape foliage and mulched flowerbeds, as well as well-placed planters with eye-catching plants to form a cohesive, natural feel.

      Use outdoor yard accents to complement your patio design. Items such as fountains, birdbaths and statuary provide visual interest, and fountains and other water features in particular, can add a soothing ambiance to your yard.

      Add a small bridge or arbor to act as a gateway from your lawn, garden or secluded water garden to your patio area.

    • Add a Fire Pit or Patio Heater

      Consider purchasing or building a fire pit, or adding a chimenea or patio heater. Any of these options are great additions that extend enjoyment of your patio into the cooler months. Fire pits are becoming more and more popular backyard additions because many people enjoy sitting around a blazing fire on a cold evening. Some models can even be used as a grill.

      Safety Alert!

      Remember to follow all safety guidelines when using a fire pit to ensure safe enjoyment.

      Gas fire pits and fire pit tables are a convenient and relatively hassle-free way to add ambiance to your patio area. They provide the warm glow of flames as well as a decorative element. Gas patio heaters are a great option to help you enjoy your patio even when it’s cold outside.

    • Save Room for Your Grill

      Everyone loves a cookout, so be sure to include a grill in your patio revamp to create an outdoor kitchen. Cook your guests’ favorites—as well as your own—using one of the many types of grills available. Choose from gas or charcoal cooking, ceramic grills or smokers. Incorporating your grill with outdoor countertop space completes the open-air kitchen feel. Combine it with an outside wet bar for full-service entertaining.

      All right then! Now you have some ideas on how to bring the indoors outside to create a get-together destination for all your guests.

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