Victoria Smith is an LA-based design & lifetstyle blogger focusing on bohemian modern style. Watch her Interior Design skills come to life as she shows us how to take a simple picnic table idea from inception to completion.

DIY Modern Picnic Table  

Step 1 - Assemble your table with lumber cut to size per the easy instructions on the Picnic Table Kit.

DIY Modern Picnic Table

Step 2 - Paint the lumber with Black Rust-Oleum Paint.

DIY Modern Picnic Table

Step 3 - Next, drill a hole for your umbrella stand.

DIY Modern Picnic Table

Step 4 - Choose some fun, modern outdoor chairs for additional seating and to add an updated look to the traditional picnic table.

DIY Modern Picnic Table

Step 5 - Add a pretty white canvas umbrella, and you’ve created the coolest modern take on an old standard picnic table.

Photo Credit: HelloSociety Influencer Victoria Smith

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