Painting My Room at Lucketts

Painting My Room at Lucketts


I had an amazing day. It was busy, but I had a successful shopping trip and had dinner and a movie with my hubby. That's a great day. I'll share some pictures of some of my latest favorite finds in the next few days.

As some of you know, last Thursday Mini and I set out to paint my room on the third floor at The Lucketts Store.


Mustard Seed Interiors


After much patching, one coat of Satin True Value Easy Care in Owl Gray mixed at half strength on the walls and one coat of water borne semi-gloss Impervo paint in bright white on the trim, here is what it looks like...


Owl Gray colored walls with bright white trim


The change isn't too dramatic, but here is the before...


picture of room before painted


I actually really liked the color, but the walls and trim were so filled with holes that I really just needed to start over. I wanted to use a soft color, so my furniture and antiques would be the star, so I opted for a subtle version of a paint color I knew would work with almost anything.


antique furniture


The room looks so fresh and bright now and I was very happy with the performance of the True Value Easy Care paint. I was concerned it might take two coats, but the coverage was great and one coat was enough. We did have to hit some of the edges with a second coat, but there was a lot of texture to deal with and some of the brush strokes showed. Oh! I need to insert a big huge hug and thank you to Amy, who stopped by to help Mini and I paint and eat cake bites. Three was the perfect number to finish the room in a reasonable time without the room being crowded. Thanks also to the ladies who tried to make it out. I know schedules are busy, so I appreciate the effort.


antique furniture


The room was a little sparse, since I only brought a few new pieces, including this wonderful drop-leaf table. The patina on it is amazing and I was really hoping it would stay in the space through the Christmas open house, but it sold last week. (I didn't go to Lucketts yesterday, so I know my space is almost empty!) Such is life as a vendor at Lucketts.


Mustard Seed Interiors


Speaking of the holiday open house, it is November 4-6. The entire Lucketts Store will be decked out for the holidays and filled with new goodies. The design house will also be open, so it's a great weekend to stop by. On Thursday, November 3, I'll be bringing a van and trailor full of furniture (including a Swiss cross inspired dresser, Ruthie's upholstered pieces, and an amazing solid walnut harvest table), all of my handmade ornaments, a live tree to show them on and tons of fabulous accessories. If you want first pick or just want to come and say hello, I'll be there most of the morning and early afternoon. I'll also be working at the store all day on Friday the 4th and I would love to say hello to some of my readers and loyal Lucketts shoppers. Come by if you can!

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