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How many times have you taken something apart to fix/paint it only to be confused or missing a screw upon reassembling? I learned this easy organizational tip from my Dad after having a reassembly disaster with a crib. Before taking anything apart gather together a piece of cardboard, some masking tape and a small plastic baggie. Use the cardboard for making notes and pierce holes into it to attach your screws. Arrange the screws from top to bottom in the order they were removed, and tape corresponding washers and bolts next to them. Make notes as to the placement and arrangement if needed. When you go to reassemble just start at the bottom with the last screw and work up. Use the baggie to hold odd pieces or Allen wrenches and tape it to the cardboard. You won't miss a step this way and reassembly will be a breeze!


I started my blog in 2009 as a way to stay connected to the interior design world after having my second child. Since then I have chronicled my DIY successes & failures, many house moves/ renovations and my obsession that anything can be "renovated" with paint. (If the primer sticks, it is getting painted!) I have a background in interior design and decorative painting and was raised by two very ambitious DIY parents that taught me not to fear change. I live by the motto "Do what you love" and I hope to inspire others to think outside the box and design fearlessly.

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    A House in the Hills

    Sarah is the blogger behind A House in the Hills, a lifestyle blog centered around her love of style, food, decor, travel and dogs.

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    A Night Owl

    A creative community featuring DIY/crafts, decor, recipes, family and more for women on the go; whether they are single, stay-at-home or working moms!

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    Between Naps on the Porch

    Passionate about all things DIY - from decorating to gardening.

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    Cleverly Inspired

    Be inspired to be clever. Cleverly Inspired shares daily doses of DIY, recipes and crafts all on a budget.

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    Design, Dining + Diapers

    Design, Dining and Diapers focuses primarily on design, DIY home decor, seasonal crafts, easy recipes and just being a mom.

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    In My Own Style

    Enthusiast for all things creative, colorful and DIY.

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    Monica Wants It

    Monica is a DIY blogger living in South Texas who loves to recreate high-end/upscale decor with the tiniest budget possible.

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